AQoL-8D Algorithm for STATA

All scoring algorithms are now located at the link below





Use only the AQoL-8D data collection questionnaire.

The items should be labelled aqol1, aqol2, aqol3 ... aqol35.

The item responses should be entered as 1, 2, 3 etc according to the presentation order in the questionnaire. Each item has 4-6 response levels.

*Missing Values: Note that missing data are represented by a blank or dot  and are handled by imputing values within each dimension. Dimensions with 3-4 items will allow for 1 missing value to be imputed, dimensions with 7-8 items will allow for 2 missing values. However, if more item responses in the  dimensions are missing the observations will be dropped and there will not be a dimension score or an instrument score for the individual.

Follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Right click on this STATA Algorithm File and select ‘Save Target as...’ or 'Save link As...' Choose the location you want to save it, and save as type ‘All Files’. This will save a STATA ‘.do’ file.

Step 2:  Open your STATA data file containing the AQoL item responses.

If your data is in Excel then select it and open STATA -> Data Editor - paste the data and shut down the sheet. 


Step 3: Still in STATA, click File -> Do -> and select the file you saved in Step 1 above.

This will produce an output file containing the results of the algorithm and some descriptive statistics


Note: If you are experiencing any problem executing the algorithm please contact the AQoL team.