Munir Khan
Dr Munir Khan

Position: Research Fellow

Qualifications: PhD in Economic Geography from the University of Melbourne

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Profile: Munir Khan is currently working on the Quality of Life (QOL) project under the supervision of Prof. Jeff Richardson, founding Director of the Centre for Health Economics. Before joining the Centre, Dr. Khan worked as a Research Fellow in the Department of Rural Health and as a Data Analyst in the University Planning Office at the University of Melbourne. He also worked as an academic at Victoria University and Monash University.

Before migrating to Australia in 1992 Dr. Khan worked at the University of Dhaka as an academic for several years. He has extensive research experience across wide topics including health and wellbeing of rural people, obstetrics outcomes of Victorian indigenous people, prevalence of adult obesity in rural communities, recruitment and retention of health professionals in rural Victoria, consumers’ perspective of GP’s undertaking research, students’ interest in rural health careers and students attitudes towards mental health.

His current work includes as member of AQoL team (i) completion of working papers on The AQoL-8D (PsyQoL) MAU Instrument: Overview (Research Paper 39); Data used in the development of the AQoL-8D (PsyQoL) Quality of Life Instrument (Research Paper 40); Report on Health Related Quality of Life and Lifestyle of Bangladeshi Migrants in Melbourne: Use of Multi-Attribute Instruments (Research Paper 44); AQoL-7D (Vision) Instrument: Overview, survey results and ultility algorithms (Research Paper 45); Smoking Status and Quality of Life: Preliminary results from a Sample of Adult Smokers who called Quitline (Research Paper 46); Preliminary results for the validation of the Assessment of Quality of Life AQoL-8D instrument. (Research Paper 47); and Summary Review of Multi-Attribute Utility (MAU) Instrument Comparison Studies: Methods, Techniques and Outcomes (Research Paper 50); (ii) completion and submission of  research project on Measuring health-related Quality of Life among the Bangladeshi migrants living in Melbourne: Use of Aulti-Attribute Instruments to Faculty Research Office; and (iii) preparation of journal articles based on working papers for publication. In his academic career, Dr. Khan has published some of his research work in national and international Journals.

Recent Publications:

Anderson, M., Richardson, J., McKie, J., Iezzi, A., & Khan, M.A. 2010. ‘The Relevance of Personal Characteristics in Health Care Rationing: What the Australian Public Thinks and Why’. The American Journal of Economics and Sociology (forthcoming).

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